After yesterday’s brain explosion, I took some time today to pick up the pieces and straighten things up.

Actually, I bought cookie dough and went to the store with my ‘new’ availability.  We’ll see if this one is acceptable or not.  It either is or it isn’t… no big deal.  (But I don’t really want to have to go back! So “insurance find me money“!) Maybe the lottery?coffee

My projects are starting to mount up and la Tour starts on Saturday.  Oh mon Dieu! What’s a girl to do?  Who needs sleep?  Garcon!  Another cafe au lait!  I’ve done it before.  Stay up all night working on a project (then crashing for 2 days… wait…maybe I’d better rethink this — I’m not as young as I think I am, right Bryna?) The trouble is I have too many good ideas all at the same time.  I need a longer day.  Or fewer ideas.

Tonight we welcome Cheryl to our happy little group.  (Everybody say Hi Cheryl!)  Cheryl was there today when I left my new ‘terms’ for the manager.  Then again, so were David & Delores (Hi guys!) I don’t think the store really needs me… they have a bumper crop of bouncing baby teenyboppers.  I’m sure they’re doing a bang up job and they’re out of there by 9:30 every night (because of all their youthful energy to get stuff put away so quickly… yeah… that’s it.)  I don’t think my leaving had quite the effect I’d hoped for.

I’m supposed to go to an Archdiocesan seminar on Thursday with a co-worker.  Neither of us really wants to schlep over to Smyrna.  We’ll decide tomorrow.  Let’s pray for construction & rain.  (While there are several patron saints for both, these are the 2 I have selected.  Go see why!)

My cousin Bill Berry (I have 2 cousin Bills) is a happy announcer of the time until Christmas.  Every month on the 25th, he makes his happy announcement of the number of months left until the hap hap happy day!   (I liked it so much, Bill, I wanted to share it!)  I leave you tonight with this thought:

137 years ago today George Armstrong Custer and his command were wiped out at the Little Big Horn; 63 years ago today the Korean War began. This can only mean one thing, six months from today is Christmas Day. Next Thursday is Independence Day which means Christmas decorations should start appearing next Friday.

Please keep this in mind… G’night Gracie!

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