What day is it??  Ah yes… Day 30

I suppose I should be getting back to the store to let them know my revised availability.  But… bwahahahahahahahahahaha… TODAY, MY BRAIN EXPLODED!!

It started out as an ordinary Monday.  I slept in (a little), had some coffee, did laundry, waited for the library to open at noon.  I had a book waiting for me.  I love that you can go online and have them pull the book for you and all you have to do is go in and check it out. 

I got my book and decided to look for some books on blogging in general and WordPress in particular.  I found both.  As I browsed the rest of the shelving —  a thunderbolt hit me  from out of the blue– and MY BRAIN EXPLODED!  I had another great blog idea!

A few years ago — 2011 to be exact — my brain exploded and I had a great idea for an flower2educational program I wanted to start.  I began to work furiously on it.  I think that was when I was offered the job at church, and the enthusiasm waned, but the work I’d done was still on my computer — staring me in the face, of course, every time I’d look at my desktop (because I can’t just put stuff in a folder.. NOOOOOO I have to make a custom icon for it!) (no that’s not a drawing of my exploded brain.)

When I was in the library today, I had a similar explosion and thought: “This could be a blog … maybe even one people would pay for!”  So I spent much of the day doing some research on the computer — mostly downloading pictures to use on the blog pages for the project. 

In the meantime, the project I started last week has gotten 2 thumbs up and I’m continuing to work on it. One from the person who suggested it (well, not so much of a “thumbs up” for content or style, but for “Yes, that was what I was suggesting.”) and one from a very supportive friend – who said even my spelling was spot on!  🙂  I is a gud spellar.   DSCF1747

If I can get these 2 projects in the works, maybe I can go to the beach again!  That would be fun!  Sand in my sneakers, waves knocking me down, freckles appearing on my nose.

Instead, I’ll put the ambient waves on the iPhone and fall asleep pretending I’m somewhere else. 

Maybe you’re somewhere else too!

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One Response to MY BRAIN EXPLODES!

  1. kmsoverton says:

    great vocabulary.. love the word ambient

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