Days 28 and 29market1

Not away away, just away from the blog.  So I missed another day.  I watched 1/2 of a movie, went to 2 farmer’s markets, WalMart, Publix and church.  Now you’re caught up.

I was going to write up the Farmer’s Market, but by the time I went to the other 2 stores and made a DEE licious tomato sandwich it was nearly time for church, after which I had dinner and watched my favorite BritCom and thought, “Hmmm, I didn’t blog tonight.  Oh well.” and I went to bed.  I actually found one of my favorite all time ST: TNG episodes was on last night (called The Inner Light – I just love this story!)

Today, Sunday, I left my house for 1 reason.  To take 2 ears of corn and a tomato to a friend.  (Hi Friend!)  She’s been having a tough time, and though she wanted to come with us to the Farmer’s Market, couldn’t make it.  “Bring me something — anything!” she said.  They were out of anything, so she got corn & a tomato.  Then I came home and watched the end of my movie.

Life isn’t always newsworthy. 

Tomorrow I have a long list of things to do.  Laundry, a small amount of gardening, you know, things like that.  Don’t look for an exciting post tomorrow either. 

Goodnight… You’ve been a great audience!

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One Response to AHHH… A WEEKEND AWAY

  1. kmsoverton says:

    Hi back at ya! You da woman! I think your posts are always clever and well written, but mentioning your generosity to me really made me feel so special!! thanks a bunch!

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