DAY 27

This is going to be a pretty short post, but I didn’t want to miss another day.

I went to the Lilburn Farmers Market after work today and was a little disappointed.  I cornfound ‘mostly’ baked goods and just a few vegetable booths.  And I realize that the food is better and fresher and all, but $2.60 – $4.00 a lb. for tomatoes is a little high for my current budget.  I decided NOT to go to the church seminar tomorrow as it’s not something that will work for us, so I’m going to try Lawrenceville.  Maybe I’ll have a looser wallet in the morning!

I have an evening of Tour de France ahead of me.  NBCSports is showing a 100 years of the TDF from 8 – 10:30.  I’m really excited.  Yes, it’s on now and I’m watching as I type.  I know you’re not that interested.  But for me, it’s like the Olympic preview!

That’s about it.  Have a great Friday night.  We’ll talk Supermoon tomorrow!


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One Response to SHORT SHORT

  1. kmsoverton says:

    Beautiful morning to be outside. Hope the Lawrenceville market is better…. Ciao. Happy biking!

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