Did I miss Day Twenty Five?  I must have.  I don’t remember writing anything.  Probably because nothing happened. 

Well, two things happened.  I went out to Johnny Carino’s with the girls “because I could”.  That was nice.  They go out every month on the third Wednesday of the month.  I’m either working or trying to do stuff at home because I worked Tuesday night and have to work Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday night, and really need a night at home, so I don’t usually get to go.  But because I didn’t have to work Tuesday, Wednesday OR Thursday, it was fun to go.  So, there was that.

Then, a friend called me with a really great idea for a job.  It wasn’t the kind of “go to this superherowebsite and submit your resume” kind of job, but more, “here’s an idea, run with it” kind of job.  Apparently I’m in front of Usain Bolt I’m running so fast.  (I’m Insane!)  I was up at 4 a.m. thinking of ideas and spent about two and a half hours tonight writing and researching.  So, I have a renewed attitude and am working my fingers to the bone.  (pummeling the keyboard!)

My 30 days of freedom are almost over.  I’m sad.  I’ll have to think hard about calling meetings.  I’ll have to give up my nights with the girls.  I’ll have to buy some peanut butter.  (It ain’t fair I tell ya!) I’ll have to see how they take it when I tell them I’m still not going to be available as much as I used to be. <evil laugh> mwahahahahahaha

I’m working all day tomorrow.  This weekend I have a church seminar to attend.  I wanted to go when I signed up.  I don’t want to go so much any more.  I’ll be using up almost a whole Saturday.  I could just not go, but I might learn something.  I’ll stay through lunch and see how it goes.  I’m going to another church seminar next Thursday.  I’m working extra July 4th week.  I won’t be ready to go back yet.  Oh gosh!  :p  (making my mr. bill face)  (now doing my Scarlett O’Hara impression) Whatever shall I do??

Stay tuned.

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One Response to TwentyfiveTwentySix…

  1. kmsoverton says:

    well written, as usual. And…I did miss yesterday’s!

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