Ok, yes, I missed yesterday. After work, I changed and headed out to a party. And ok, yes, I drank a little more than I normally do when I’m sitting at home. But I wasn’t driving… not all the way anyway. I drove my car to the Boyle’s and they drove to the party. Then Joe drove back and I only had to drive from their house. I felt just fine, but when I sat down to type my blog… nothing came out as I expected it to. I felt it was within my rights to play it safe and not post anything. So, while I drank “too much” to write, it wasn’t “too much” to do other things. I was asked to ‘splain what I emailed to y’all yesterday.

The party was nice. There were probably about 80 people, the food was good, the company was good (the wine was good). It was nice to be able to go and not feel guilty about taking time off. (I’m so over that!)

This morning I did some “picking up”, put McLintock! on (the one I have DVR’d) and I met with two members of my cookbook committee. They got a first look at what we’ve got so far. I set them to proofing what’s already been put in. (but, sadly, many of you have not yet given me YOUR recipes. (yes, I’m serious.) I wheep!) Then I went out on the deck to “read” that “book” thing. Even though it was in the high 80s, it was pleasant out there under the umbrella. Lots of bird calls. I forgot how much I enjoy doing that. If the weather holds, it’s what I’ll do tomorrow. Since I no longer celebrate Father’s Day, it’ll be a good way to honor my Dad, who loved to read. Not outdoors – well, maybe. He wasn’t much of an outdoorsman. More about him tomorrow. Stay tuned.

yankee logoFINALLY, a Yankees game on TV! It’s been a long wait for one. Hopefully not another 18 inning game! I don’t think I can stay up that long. I woke up too early this morning anticipating my guests and knowing I had things to do before they got here. (How is it when you take the time to tidy the bathroom, no one uses it? Just sayin…)

So tomorrow I have no plans.  I’ve been to church and I have no Father’s Day events to plan or to attend.  I’m wondering just what I’ll do.  I’m sure you do too.  Well, this is where you’ll find out.

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