It’s pretty sad when you take a trip to the grocery store hoping to hear the end of the book on CD you’ve been listening to for a week!  (I did.)  Do you listen to books on CD (or audiobooks)?   I started a few years ago when I had a 30+ minute ride to and from work every day and decided that morning radio was for not worth the power it took to broadcast it.  The deejays were either incredibly giddy or waaaay too chatty for 7a.m. in my opinion.  Wanted weather, traffic and music, not all that giggly, hysterical chitchat that was taking cdsplace all over my radio waves.  So I turned the radio off and started to listen to books on CD.  Besides the Cat Who series, one of the best I listened to was John Glenn’s autobiography, read by John Glenn himself.  I thought it was pretty inspirational.  Thank goodness I heard it in the car driving from GA to NJ and I didn’t have to sit in traffic and have people see the tears running down my cheeks at one point in the story.  Mostly, now, I try to download audiobooks to my iPod, but when I can’t do that, I check out the CDs at the library.  Sadly, I now have about an 8 minute ride to and from work and I don’t get to hear nearly as much as I used to.  I just get to something interesting and I reach my destination. (If gas wasn’t so expensive I’d think up reasons to drive somewhere just to listen!)  Next up:  ebooks.  A friend bought himself a new Kindle and gave me his old one about a year ago.  I’m waiting for the library to come up with more books I want to read in this format.  (I like biographies and autobiographies, hear that Gwinnett County Public Library?) I’m getting comfortable with the format and I’m just waiting for their catalog to expand.  <tap, tap, tap>  Now, however, I have to read one of the paper kind of books.  Turning pages and like that.  I’m not sure I remember the entire process.  We’ll see. 

Boneless ribs.  My friend Laurie says they’re an oxymoron.  I say they’re tasty.  Anyway, they’re what’s for dinner.  This cooking thing is pretty interesting.  I have different things at each meal.  Used to be, I’d have the same leftovers twice in one day.  (Or peanut butter and jelly twice in one day!) NO MORE… hear me?  NO MORE!  I have a new offer for my night job manager, and hope he accepts it when my 30 days of freedom are over.  Then again, maybe the teenagers they hired are doing a swell job and he doesn’t miss me?  Actually, that might work out – if he’s getting along nicely without me now, maybe cutting back on my hours will be acceptable to him.  Maybe I’ll have to bring in some boneless ribs to sweeten the pot.  Any opinions?  (David?  Karen?  Delores?)

My cookbook project moves along.  Today I announced it to all the ministries at church and the ladies who took part in our first annual cookie swap.  A flyer and a recipe form is going into this weekend’s bulletins.  I only hope we get 193 more recipes.  I still haven’t heard from you.  (Yes, cousins and Joann’s people you too!)

We’ve got a thunderstorm approaching as I type this.  I should really turn the computer off and get away from it, so I’ll post this now.  They keep using the “tornado” word.  I hate that because I don’t really have a good place to hide from one in my house.  I cringe when they use that word.  But now, I’ll go cringe inside.  Toodleoo!

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