Ok, so it’s quarter after 12 and it’s raining.  So much for that outdoor work I had really wanted to do.  (Really being a relative term, of course!)

I’m working on the cookbook project and trying to organize the office.  I alternate between the two.  One of my faithful readers, has urged me to renew my actual writing project – a children’s book – and I even opened the document today.  I didn’t realize I’d already written 27 pages.  I’m thinking about reviving this project too.  After all, I have all this extra time for two more weeks. 

Speaking of two more weeks, one wonders what will happen when the 30 days of freedom are over.  Will I return to the salt mine?  Will I be rejected (again)?  Will I finish my book and become the J.K.Rowling of Lawrenceville?  Only time will tell.

How is the “sabbatical” working for me so far?  My back doesn’t hurt and my feet don’t hurt, but my knees are still not working the way I’d like.  AND, I’ve rediscovered weeknights.  A nice discovery, I’ll admit. 


It’s later now.  I’ve been to Bunco and came home unsuccessful.  I came in tied for 3rd place.  I wdice2on $2.50.  It cost me $5.00 to win it, thus the ‘unsuccessful’ tag.  However, I had a few screwdrivers and some pretzels and a nice orange fluffy pie and laughed a lot.  It was worth $2.50.

I spent much of today typing recipes.  33 of them to be exact, in the categories of Appetizers, Beverages, Soups & Salads and Main Dishes.  Three of them need to be revised by the submitters.  One mentions deli sliced roast beef, but doesn’t tell you how or when to use it.  One tells you to add almonds, but never lists how much of them in the ingredient list.  The third tells you to “add sour cream” but it also is not in the ingredient list!  An editor’s life is never done!  Fortunately, typing keeps me from eating.  Unfortunately, typing recipes makes me hungry.   Hmm.

I drove 2 girls to Bunco tonight.  The last one I took home, heard the story of the feral cats who have adopted my front porch and back deck as their own.  I told her that one of the kittens was looking like he/she wanted to come inside the house, but I was afraid if he/she did it would hide somewhere and I’d never find it.  I am NOT a cat person – I told my friend that if the cat did that I’d need to buy a gun and shoot the cat.  Since I don’t know how to shoot, I can imagine the scene… sofa all shot up, holes in the walls, floors, chimney and yet, the cat would be meowing somewhere.  For some reason, my friend found this image hysterical.  I thought she was gonna bust a gut laughing.   She insisted I recount this story to you.  (I do take requests.)

That told me it was time to go home.  I knew all of you were waiting for this synopsis of my intriguing day.

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