downhillfromhere<sniff>  It’s all downhill from here.

Today wasn’t the hump day I had planned, but it was mostly a good one.  I started out by paying the price for sleeping in yesterday – I couldn’t get to sleep last night. Well, I could but I had that was with the light on and listening to a podcast.  When I’d realize (at 2AM) that I’d missed an hour and a half of the podcast, I turned off the light AND the podcast and my eyes popped wide open.  After what seemed like hours, (probably 15 minutes) I decided to try the podcast again. If I listened to the podcast (this time with the light off) with the timer set for 30 minutes, I’d drift off.  This way, I reasoned, I’d only miss 30 minutes of the podcast at most.  However, when the timer shut the iPhone off, I was still WIDE AWAKE.  Maybe TV.  Maybe watching something on TV would do the trick.  I was lucky to find the end of a good episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (the one where they’re stuck in a time warp and the Starship captain on the other side is Frasier).  That ended and… I was still awake.  It was about 3:30 or 4AM and there wasn’t much to watch, but I was able to find something (and I popped one Tylenol PM) and soon I was in lala land. 

Of course, then I slept till almost 11.   I’ll have to start the process early tonight.

I headed to Walmart to get a Sunday paper, and got a surprise call from Laurie (Hi Laurie!) saying “come on over!” Little did I know I’d get home around 8PM – we went to Shane’s Rib Shack for dinner!  All very pleasant and a necessary diversion.  So, little got done here today, but my belly is full-o-pork!  (oink oink)

While I was there I shared the recipe for microwave corn on the cob.  I promised I would put it in the blog, so here it is.  Ear of corn, Microwave, 4 minutes.  Yum.  Watch the video:

Now I have a paper to read and some crocheting to do.  I’m counting on the weather being good tomorrow so I can go out and do some hedge trimming.  The kid who mows my lawn came today but the front hedges look unruly.  I don’t think he owns hedge equipment.  It’s also BUNCO NIGHT!  Finally!  We missed last time because it was Memorial Day and two weeks before that because too many people were gone so finally it’s Bunco night!  (Come on dice!  Carol needs a new pair of sneakers!)

Y’all be good now, y’heah?

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