Today I went to my first “coupon swap”.  A girl from my church hosts them frequently and this week she was asking the participants to bring food for the food pantry, so I went – to pick up the food. It was at 9:30 a.m. at a Chick-Fil-A – breakfast hours – so I had a chicken biscuit.  And a third cup of coffee.  I’m sure the only thing that will put me to sleep tonight is a third class of wine.  What does one do at a coupon swap?  One brings those coupon inserts from the Sunday paper and trades with others, all the time, yakking and laughing and eating.  I didn’t swap any coupons, but it was interesting.  They all had binders or folders and were really serious about cutting out coupon after coupon.

From there I want to my “night job” for the first time in thirteen days – to get my last paycheck.  It was too soon… it all came flooding back. Walking in circles, putting things away.  Listening to crying children.  Alternating boredom and overwork.  I got my check and it was good to see David (Hi Marv!).   I tried to chat with the Guest Services girl, but the line was never ending so I left.  I had to get to my other job by noon.  If only I had thought to have a margarita at breakfast instead of coffee!

libraryOn the way, I stopped at the library.  I’m “re-reading” a series from the beginning – actually I’d prefer to listen, but some of the books are not at our library on CD (or available to download to my iPod).  When I picked up book 2, I submitted a request for book 3.  It was available so I went for it.  I have a Kindle, an iPod, an iPhone and CD players, and this time, I got a book.  An honest to goodness, page turning, printed on paper book.  I’m not sure I remember how to work one. (The series?  “The Cat Who..” books by Lilian Jackson Braun.  I detest cats, but I enjoy this series, especially the audio version.  The reader is superb!)

It’s been raining – on and off – for several days.  It started ok today but when I left the church at 5:00, there was thunder.  I was sure it was going to pour any minute.  I decided to stop for pizza – a good rainy day dinner, I thought.  I love Riverside pizza.  Tasty, inexpensive and ready when you drive up to get it.  My kinda place. 

It’s 8:30.  I’ve moved my stuff upstairs to finish watching TV from bed.  I have the “book” there.  Book 2 is in the car and I really shouldn’t start book 3 till I’m done (though truthfully, I’ve already ‘read’ both of them before) Maybe I’ll listen to one of my podcasts.  It’s unlikely I’ll do something crafty.  It’s too early to actually go to sleep – if I do, I’ll be up at 3:30 again. 

I’m looking forward to tomorrow… a whole day with absolutely nothing on my agenda!  The possibilities are endless.  And frightening! 

Be warned!  Have a great weekend!

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