Once upon a time, for that’s the way all good fairy DSCF0595tales start… Once upon a time I began the arduous process of cleaning out my office.  My name is Carol and I am a PackRat.  Yes indeedy.  I save everything.  Slightly used wrapping paper can be reused for a craft project.  Greeting cards make nice poster art.  One day I’ll be able to use the wireless keyboard again (when I figure out why it won’t work, it could need new batteries but I’m all out of AA).  I LOVE RECIPES!  I must – they’re all over the place.  And in 3 years I’ve managed to apply for so many jobs that the job descriptions are competing with the recipe file.  And yet, I collect. 

But three years ago (or so) I started to categorize and organize this room.  I must have failed miserably because here is sit, surrounded by piles of magazines, old bills, empty boxes, miscellaneous junk… and recipes and job descriptions.  Yes, I have file folders.  Yes, I have containers for the bills.  Yes, I have 2 trash bins.  I don’t seem to be able to part with some of the miscellany.  This causes a back up in the toss and organize program and therefore, failure occurs. 

I’m ready to start again. 

SHREDDING – I hate shredding.  It’s noisy and makes a mess.  I’m usually good at that by myself and don’t need any help.  But my mother made me paranoid about shredding so I don’t let anything leave here with my name and/or address on it.  That portion of whatever it is gets torn off and shredded.  I have good intentions and my shredding pile is vast.  I shred until the shredder overheats, then I move on to another project.  Sometimes I even remember to go back to shredding later on.

MAGAZINES – I have stacks of Better Homes & Gardens magazines.  I know there’s something I want to keep in each one of them.  A recipe, a garden, a home décor look, a craft project or maybe an organizing tip.  They’re in there, I just have to go through them and find them, then tear them out, file them appropriately and toss the rest of the magazine.  One of these days I’ll even do it.  I can, however, throw away all the old Glamour magazines.  I have no need for glamour.

Whew.  Enough cleaning I think.  I need some raspberries in cream and quiet music.  Thunder makes me nervous!

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