It was a typical Tuesday… except for going to the PM job.  Normally, I’d be scheduled to work a Tuesday night.  But today, I came home, had a leisurely lunch, annoyed the feral kitten on the back deck and went to the computer to play Candy Crush Saga.  (I’m stuck on level 144.  If you know how to get me off there, there’s a dollar in it for you.)

While I was playing (and losing) I thought about all the computer work I have to do – besides writing this.  I should update the church website. I haven’t done it in a while, but there really isn’t much to update at this point.  It’s summer and the greater Atlanta area shuts down.  Everyone must go to Florida, or St. Simon’s Island or somewhere.  Everyone but me.  Anyway, church events are more or less cancelled for the summer so there’s not much to update.

I should be inputting recipes for the Parish Cookbook.  Some of them are hand written and I would prefer to have them typed.  Some of them are photocopied from other sources.  I don’t want to wantonly plagiarize.  Oh, the publishing company also gives a discount if you use their format rather than just randomly formatted. Discounts are good. 

I should be working on the Anniversary party for Fr. Joe.  I need to work up an inspirational email to get other ministries motivated to be involved.  I need to find volunteers.  At my church, that’s like finding hen’s teeth.  Almost.  I have a core group of people who will volunteer for just about anything and then there’s everyone else.  It’ll all work out, but getting there can be stressful.

I should be cleaning the kitchen.  Nah.  That isn’t going to happen.  I could write a cookbook on my own and celebrate my OWN 50th anniversary (ha!) before that happens.  Well, I can celebrate my own BIRTHDAY before that happens.  (and that’s still a few months out.)

And as a result of this stunning blog, a friend reminded me that I should be a writer.  I told her that I actually have aspirations in that direction, but lack the focus.  Writing of course, is on the computer.

So, to enhance my progress, I moved the television from the guest room back into the office.  I live alone.  I have 3 television sets.  I had 4 but one broke.  When my mother wb051437came, I put the office one in her room.  She’s been gone for 2 months. It was time to move it back anyway.  How does this help me get more done?  I don’t feel I’m missing my programs if I’m sitting in the office now.  It was especially difficult last night when there was a ballgame on.  (It was a good one too!)  I wanted to type.  I wanted to watch.  What’s a girl to do?  Well, she should have moved the television last night, but she didn’t.  She must be thinking clearly tonight.  (I don’t know why, she hasn’t eaten yet.)

So, my next step is clear.  I need to organize the office so it’s useable.

But first, some Candy Crush Saga and boneless ribs.

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