Even though I don’t work on Mondays they usually don’t turn out just the way I think they’re going to.  I woke up way too early today – proving the adage “Early to bed and early to rise” is actually based on truth.  What follows is that adhering to this practice will make one “healthy, wealthy and wise.”  I’m not any wealthier or wiser, though I’m getting plenty of rest!  Doing nothing can be tiring!

That’s why today I added a new project.  Well, I’m reviving an old project.  For about 4 years now I’ve been trying to put together a cookbook to raise funds for our parish. I have 107 recipes collected.  In 4 years.  Pathetic!  I finally enlisted the help of another parishioner and we reviewed and recounted, we selected dates and talked number of recipes and number of cookbooks.  So I’m plunging into this project – AGAIN.  This, in addition to the 50th anniversary project I’m already working on, should keep me plenty busy.  I hope. 

I also made it to the bank today.  I had 2 checks to cash.  I feel rich.  I stopped at Publix and got a $1 lottery ticket.  I won $2.  (I’m so lucky!)

I also decided to begin crafting again.  I have a project that can be done indoors or outdoors, which means I can do it while enjoying that “fresh air” I keep mentioning.  As long as it’s not too hot.  I realize that I’ve become accustomed to being in air conditioning and I really dislike being outside when it’s ‘hot’.  It was HOT today.  Actually, more muggy than hot.  There was a great thickness in the air.  I did not visit the deck.  It’s still a little damp, and several years ago, I went out there when it was wet, slipped on the wet, moldy wood and hurt my leg pretty badly.  I won’t ever go out there again if it looks slimy.  It looked that way today.

I’m getting used to watching baseball at night.  I’ll miss that when my freedom disappears.  😦

It’s nice to not have to cook up batches of food and plan week long meals on one day.  I was doing that.  Mondays were cooking days.  I’d make at least 2 things that could be nuked for lunch or dinner depending on what it was and what my schedule for the day was. (Hmm. Am I working 9-2 and 3-8?  9-2 and 5-10? 12-4 and 5-10?)  It’s nice to make one meal at a time. pajamas

So, Monday is over (nearly) and it’s back to work tomorrow. I’m already looking forward to the weekend.  I have NOTHING PLANNED!  I can have a jammy day if I want!  I Heart Jammy Days!

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  1. kmsoverton says:

    hey…. isn’t that a song…. some group called….the Mommas and the ????

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