Ok, admit it… you missed me yesterday!  I know you did.  🙂

So, why didn’t I post?  Did I want you to suffer?  Was I passed out on the floor after imbibing too much?  Nah… I went to the 13th annual Eucharistic Congress for the Archdiocese of Atlanta, came home and kinda “hung” for a while, went to evening Mass and then nearly fell asleep watching reruns of one of my favorite Britcoms. 


It wasn’t exactly a day to write about, but it was the falling asleep part that kept me from posting anyway.  On a night when I’d probably be ‘closing’ the store and not getting out until about 10, I was in bed by 9:45 and probably asleep by 10.  I put on a podcast and the timer and never heard the program turn off. 

As a result, I was awake before the sun came up this morning but managed to keep myself in bed until 7:30 when I stumbled my way to the computer to put a post on my parish Facebook page then stumbled back to bed, eyes still partially closed.  I had also not posted to Facebook as I’d promised yesterday. 

Pope Francis had asked that all us Catholics spend an hour in Adoration today, the Feast of Corpus Christi – the EXACT SAME HOUR worldwide.  That was 11 AM to 12 noon here.  I thought that would be a nice thing to do, so I had a quick breakfast and 2 cups of coffee then went to church for an hour of prayer.  Yes, I prayed for every single one of you.  You’re welcome.

I prayed for a real job – a good one.  I prayed for my 2 nieces and their families.  I prayed that my mother would get back into her house soon.  I prayed for all my cousins and their families, the members of my church, my Red Hat girls, my Facebook friends (in particular those I went to grade school, high school & college with), and the people who I remember fondly from my previous job. 

I should be cleaning the kitchen, but I don’t want to.  I should be emptying dead things out of the fridge, but I don’t want to.  I could be taking a nap, but… I don’t want to.  In all likelihood I’ll probably go out on the deck for a while.  We’re supposed to be getting some rain, and I should take advantage while the sun’s a-shinin.

So, one week into the freedom-fest, and I’m breathing easier, I’m less tense – someone even said I was “looking better” the other day.  I’m certainly getting more sleep!

Be back tomorrow.  I have a lunch meeting planned so maybe I’ll have something “thrilling” to write about.  Otherwise, you’ll just have to read more drivel.  🙂

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One Response to C’MON… ADMIT IT…

  1. kmsoverton says:

    Didn’t hear any drivel…. but…. was I in on the prayers, too? sure hope so…. my pulled tooth has been really bothering me…..

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