DAY FIVEmilkshake

I went to a meeting tonight.  Actually, I CALLED a meeting tonight then I went to it.  Why?  “Because I could!”  It was nice being able to call the meeting then have it any night I wanted to and not have to say, “let me see which night I might be off.” 

Then I went for a milkshake at Sonic.  (Well, they’re half price… I couldn’t resist.)

The problem is, I don’t know when I can call the follow up meeting yet.  (We’re planning a church-wide party in September and I’ll need to call multiple meetings to get everything organized.)  I’d like to have another next month, but if I’m back on nights (and not necessarily the nights of MY choosing) I’ll be back in that “have to wait and see” mode.  The rest of my group is either retired or works a “regular” job where they work set daytime hours (and make enough money to live on).  I used to be one of those people.  Now, <sniff> I’m just a po girl and I need to work my feet to the bone to make ends meet. 

Speaking of feet, mine are much happier, though my knees are still pretty stiff.  I may need to take some of that glucosamine/chondroitin stuff to de-stiff them.  I’m thinking about it.

Today was not much of a health day.  I kind of skipped breakfast, but not of my own choosing.  See, I meant to have a strawberry banana smoothie, (one of my specialties) but I couldn’t find the frozen strawberries in the freezer this morning.  So I had coffee, grabbed a fiber bar and a yogurt and headed off to the office. This wouldn’t have been too bad, but see, the Polish Consul was there today, and well, the Polish ladies brought some dessert.  Something in multiple layers with a layer of cake, 2 layers of (different colored) jello mixed with cool whip with fruit floating in it and a top layer of just jello with fruit.  My mother and I call this top layer “Nanny jello” because my grandmother (Nanny) used to make the most peculiar combinations of jello & fruit.  Orange jello with blueberries, bananas in cherry jello, and so on. This was red jello with bananas, some sliced the long way.  I ate the jello and the cake and some of the whippy layers.  I think one layer had peaches, which I don’t eat.  Anyway, it was a deal-buster.  So my day was shot and I splurged.  Wine, taquitos and a milkshake (not all at once… I’m not crazy.)  I’m looking forward to tomorrow though for more than one reason; I don’t go in till noon, and I’m planning to have breakfast out on the deck.  A leisurely cup of coffee out there sounds delightful!  Who knows, maybe I’ll take some time to look for frozen strawberries!

Oh’s almost 10:00.  I might be coming home by now instead of in my jammies already!  Hahahahaha!


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