Day Three

It’s been ovePBJr a week since I gobbled down peanut butter & jelly at breakneck speed.  This is a “dinner” I eat often during my evenings at work because it’s easy to do in 15 minutes – which is the time I get for a ‘break’.  I think I’m going into withdrawal.  I may need to break down and have some soon.  But not tonight.

Back at the day job, I resumed the paper-sorting I started last week.  I had hoped that the task would prepare me to continue to do the same when I got home, but I’m not that motivated.  I was able to go through one pile of papers, separating into such categories as: tossing, recycling, shredding, filing and “saving”.  This latter category encompasses such things as recipes, which I love to print (and never have time to make).  I guess one pile is better than none. 

Actually, I’m looking for 2 things.  One is a birthday card I made a month early.  Now that I need to mail it, I can’t find it.  The other is a file folder with recipes.  Now I know exactly what the folder looks like.  I also know where it “was”.  It “was” on the corner of a box a few months back.  It was within easy reach the minute I needed to use it.  Then my mother decided to visit and I moved it.  Somewhere.  I’m sure it’s in a pile.  I just don’t know which one. 

They say the memory is the first thing that goes.  Actually I heard on TV this morning that menopause “can” cause memory loss.  At least now I have a scapegoat.  It’s not me, it’s menopause.  I like it.  (not the menopause, the excuse.)

I ate fairly well today.  It’s hard to change your eating habits over night, I realize that.  But today I ate a piece of fruit and two vegetables (and chips and dip and ½ a brownie).  It’s a step in the right direction.  By the time I’m eating right, it will be day 30.  Maybe I’ll have to re-enlist.


UPDATE:  I finally remembered where I put the birthday card “for safe keeping”.  The person who gets it will be getting it late, but better late than never, right?

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