DAY TWOamerican flag

Today is Memorial Day.  I went to church this morning to remember those who died so I might have my freedom.  My aches and pains are petty in relation to what they suffered.

Then I came home to enjoy another carefree day.  A second cup of coffee with a brownie and a call to my mom (returning her call from when I was at church) starts my late morning. Then, because I don’t have to drag my laundry to the creek and beat it on a rock, I’m going to do laundry.  I figure I should start my sabbatical with clean clothes, towels and sheets, right?  Making, as it were, a completely clean break with what ‘was’. UPDATE:  four loads of laundry done.  Basket empty.  My rock is worn out. Oh wait… there was no rock.  Nevermind…

But at 12:30, I’m already hearing the voices telling me to go out on the deck.  My back deck is shaded by trees most of the day and the trees are full of birds.  I have a small patio table with a large umbrella.  It’s very nice back there with a glass of wine and a book or some music.  Actually, it called to me earlier, “eat breakfast out here!”  I shooed it away.  UPDATE:  I did go out for a while, but I think I surprised a squirrel who thought he’d check out the deck.  I heard rustling behind me and decided it was time to head into the great INdoors. 

It was nice to not work today because I know I’d have been scheduled to close. Instead, I watched the M*A*S*H marathon concluding with Goodbye, Farewell and Amen which left me in tears.  It’s way too quiet in here and the margaritas are making me sleepy.  Will I even see the end of the ballgame (that began at 7?)

I did NOT walk much today so my legs should be better tomorrow.  They were still hurting this morning.  I guess 8 hours of walking/standing has its toll, right?  Tomorrow should be fun.  I usually work on Tuesdays.  Tomorrow, I won’t!

OK, so this is not the most exciting post in the world.  The idea is to make sure I’m keeping to my plan and making the most of my 30 days.  I reread the definition of “chill” today.  I think I exemplified it’s meaning. 🙂  That makes it a good day.

Maybe I can be more exciting tomorrow!  After all, I’ll be going to work and seeing other people!

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