Oops, did I forget you?

So I left you high and dry not quite finishing out the 12 days of Christmas.  Why?  Because it came up and hit me in the face like an alien space ship.  There were bright lights and much food and it left me reeling.

The reel is over now, and I’ve come out the other side a little older and ready to get back to things.  I hope you all had a great Holiday Season (from Turkey Day through those last 12 days!)  I’m nearly done de-Christmassing the house.  The tree is finally out on the deck ready to go down into the woods and become a squirrel condo once the weather dries up for enough days to make walking through the leaves & muck in the backyard bearable. The ornaments are in the garage, the Santas are resting comfortably wrapped in tissue and laying in a plastic bin.  There are still some odds and ends around that would make the casual observer think I hadn’t undecorated at all.  But considering where I started, I’ve diminished the number of Santas, trees, angels and snowmen admirably for it being just one month after Christmas!

My New Year’s resolutions don’t actually kick in until February.  Cheating?  No.  I had too many leftovers to waste (especially given the cost of things) and I’m still finishing some wine, cookies, cheese & crackers left from my Christmas party.  You cannot start a diet with those things in the house – it’s absolutely impossible.  So, they have to be eaten.  So I didn’t push them into my face without any thought at all, it was only fair to spread out the joy.  So, I set a date of February 1 to start all those things I thought about doing on January 1.  I like being realistic. I now have 6 days to get ready for that.

I’ve also finished up a bunch of projects begun as Christmas gifts or ‘soon-after’ Christmas gifts, I’ve been updating my parish blog and website, and thinking a lot about the money I don’t have.

Actually, I have started a new diet.  It’s called the “Eat anything you Want” diet.  It’s working very well for me.  I’m sure I’m gaining lots of weight.  I know it’s stress and depression.  That’s why I’m trying to keep busy. 

Maybe I should blog more.  I can’t type and eat at the same time.  I know that because I left a cup of yogurt in the other room to come in and type this paragraph.

Hmmm…. there might be something to that.  Anyway, I promise not to leave you in the lurch any longer.  Watch for more… soon!

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