On the 6th Day…

6 geese a laying?  Not here!

I have an Andy Rooney quote saying, “The best Christmas trees come very close to exceeding nature.”  Mine is coming close to that this year.  It continues to please me even after being up for about 10 days.  And the scent is still heavenly.

Adding to my overall enjoyment, is that I’m still enjoying the bounty of Christmas.  Cookies, turkey & pierogi.   So many favorites, so little time.  I need to decrease the leftovers by Sunday so I can start accumulating the wherewithall for leftovers-to-be.

And since I was stocking up on wine for the party, I got one for myself and am enjoying it’s nutritional delight as I type.  (They’re still saying wine is good for you, right?  They haven’t changed that?  And there’s the flavanoids in the grapes, right?  “Nutrition!”  I get it however I can!)

Christmas music on the iPod played today in the car as I ran some errands (bank, gift delivery, Aldi, Dollar Store, Chik-fil-a) and I re-watched one of my DVR’d Hallmark Movies (The Night Before the Night Before Christmas – I like the Santa in it.)

So, while there are no geese-a-laying here, the Christmas spirit is going strong! There’s a heavenly scented tree, cookies, turkey, pierogi, wine and Christmas media.

Merry Christmas to you!

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