Five Golden Riiiiings

If I had 5 golden rings, I’d be out selling them off.  It’s tough being underemployed.

I’d like to not be trapped in my house.  If I go out, I spend money.  Money I don’t really have to spend.  So I stay home where it’s safe.  But I’m getting cabin fever.  I’ll have to take back one of my Christmas presents so I can pretend to be out with real people (as opposed to their television counterparts who have been keeping me company this week.)

I am still looking for work, but either I’m so ordinary I don’t stand out from the crowd, or I’m way underqualified and more qualified people are being interviewed or I’m way overqualified and those less qualified are being hired.  I have some nice skills, I’m unencumbered by children or pets or a travelling spouse, and I’m going to be there every day and put in a good day’s work.  And yet, I’m familiar with every infomercial on the air and Andy Griffith and I are getting mighty chummy.

And I miss going to the store for more than milk.

But, as a new year approaches, I’ll keep my chin up and my head high and confidently pound the keyboard looking for that one company that is looking for an ordinary person (with a great sense of humor) to be their new employee!

In the meantime, I’m going to look for some golden rings…

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