On the Third Day of Christmas

On the third day of Christmas there were 3 things I wanted to do:  Go thru the fridge and discard anything discardable, make my turkey dinner and make sugar cookies.

Then I realized the milk wasn’t real fresh and I needed it for the potatoes.  I was NOT making mashed potatoes to go with my deeeelicious turkey dinner with milk that was past its prime.  I had to go out for fresh milk.

But I also needed yarn to complete a project I started last night, and that meant WalMart.

But WalMart did not have the color of yarn I needed.  I did, however, buy several discounted Christmas items (tags, tissue paper, wax fragrance thingies) before heading to Joann’s for yarn.

Where I almost didn’t find the yarn I needed, but I turned again and there it was.  And I got a few discount items there too.

Then to the store for milk, and bread for tomorrow’s inevitable sandwich.

By the time I got home and got the veggies cooking, the stuffing and gravy made, the potatoes mashed and the turkey warmed… it was too late to think about either the fridge or doing any baking.

So now I know what I’m doing tomorrow.

more likely roosters...French hens would lead one to think that the origin of the song was France.  Otherwise they’d be English hens or German hens, and so on.    This illustration is obviously of male fowl, so I’m thinking they aren’t as “hen-ish” as the illustrator would like us to believe.

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