On the First Day…

Merry Christmas!

Well, the gifts under the tree have been revealed and the turkey is put away.  The overall frenzy is subsiding.  Of course, not for me, because I never actually MET my goal of preparedness. For this reason, some small semblance of frenzy will reappear next week while I hustle and I bustle to meet my ‘pre-party’ goals.

Party? you say.  Yes, party.  Every year, I host my Red Hats Christmas party.  [We don’t do the red hat thing any more, but when we have the party we call it our Red Hat party.]  I make baked ziti and some muchettos and some of the girls bring appetizers or dessert or maybe some wine, we play silly games – our most popular by far is “find the pickle in the tree” game.  The winner gets her very own pickle ornament! We also guess the number of small wrapped candies in a Christmas jar or container (which the winner gets to keep), and for the past few years, we’ve done a Christmas purse search, for which there is some sort of prize (this year, as yet undetermined.) So, tomorrow, the unfinished Christmas frenzy collides with the getting-ready-for-the-Party frenzy and a totally new frenzy is born.  It’s quite likely that the unexpected week off of work will aid in keeping any really frantic frenzy from happening in that I’ll have slightly more daylight hours to work with each day before the party is to take place.

Food must be purchased and prepared, I’d still like to make one more batch of cookies (for the party)  There is still a blizzard of baking paraphenelia on the kitchen table, also known as our buffet table, I’d like to decorate the front door a little more before the party – more welcome-y), I need to finish cooking my turkey dinner and manage any pre-party leftovers (there are usually party leftovers, which I then turn into New Year’s snacks, but.. oh well…) And so on.  But since I do certain things every year, that helps a lot.

Our party was, for a few years, the weekend before Christmas.  Then we moved it to the middle of the week after Christmas (the week between Christmas & New Year’s), and this year, after New Year’s makes it’s first appearance.  Too many people were going to be away the week between the holidays, so I thought it best to move it – disappointingly, since I knew I’d be better able to prepare if I was going to be home that day.  But…. no fear.  I will use the week off to my advantage. 

I’m pretty sure I will.

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