25 Days … Day 24

Ok, so I didn’t quite make all 25 days.  But that was only because I was super busy and I’m not as young as I used to be, and I was pretty tired each evening.  I was thinking about writing every night, but sadly, was too tired to sit at the computer and actually type.  Sorry ’bout that!

Christmas Eve is one of my favorite nights of the year.  First, there’s the whole Santa thing. I wish we’d had the NORAD online tracker when I was little.  I think it’s a great idea.  And yes, even though I know the fat guy will be waving as he flies over my house tonight, I’ll be putting up my stocking.  You never know…. something might fall out and down my chimbley.

Then, there’s Midnight Mass.  I just love the whole “middle of the night”, and singing and everything. Our church has been nicely decorated this year, with some new stuff.  It looks very nice.  I’m looking forward to going.

Then…. there’s the pierogi.  I love my Christmas Eve pierogi.  I made a smallish batch this afternoon and they are DEEEEEEEElicious. I feel sorry for people who don’t get pierogi.  My Nanny would be happy to know I’d carried on this family tradition.  They make me so happy.  I live for this meal!

My decorating is not quite done.  I still have more baking to do.  I have a few gifts I need to wrap.  I could still vacuum in a few spots and the kitchen floor needs cleaning (again).  But considering I’ll be the only one to see it tomorrow, it’s fine.  I finally got my Christmas on.

Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!

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