25 Days … Day 19

Aka:  The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (apologies to J. Viorst)

I thought it was going to be a good day.  I really did.  Then… I got up.

I made coffee & the milk was bad.  I was supposed to stop for fresh milk yesterday, but there was that Bake Sale.

I fiddled with the tree to get it to stand up straight.  It kind of did, eventually.

I tried to go to the Post Office for 12 stamps.  The parking lot was overcrowded, so I moved along to my next place… WalMart, where the Self-Check register acted like it always does… BADLY.  I wish those things would actually WORK.  It scanned one tray I bought and would ABSOLUTELY NOT scan the 2nd one.  I didn’t buy it. (I showed them!) Then, my $5 bill would not go into the CASH IN slot.  It didn’t go facing left.  It didn’t go facing right.  It didn’t go upside down.  I really didn’t want to look for more cash in my purse.  This was good old fashioned American money.   And I refused to let the person who watches over the Self Check help me because the machines really ought to work!   I stood there for like 5 minutes just flipping the $5 bill and reinserting it.  Eventually, I decided I had other things to do and I got another bill.  My Christmas spirit had just exited, stage left.

Things appeared to go better at Publix, where I replaced the milk.  Then, just for fun, I drove past the Post Office again, but it was worse.

After lunch and some cleaning, it seemed appropriate to try the lights.  So, I found the box of lights, tested them and set about to lighting the tree.  I hate putting the lights on.  It’s my least favorite part of the tree decorating process. 

After dinner and a computer game break, I acquiesced and started the ornaments.  I had about… 40 things on the tree when it began to list.  A little more, and a little more until I had to catch it to stop it from falling.  (Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket is all well and good, but catch a falling Christmas tree just doesn’t work.)  I had to remove the ornaments (with one hand) while holding the tree in a semi-upright position then remove the tree from the stand, take it out of the holder, and then put it back in the stand full of water.  It appears that the holder has cracked.  If my neighbor cannot fix it for me, I’ll have to find another stand — quick!

It’s got to get better, right?


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