25 Days … Day 16


No, not the movie.  I’ve never seen the movie.  I’m talking about people who live alone and what they do for Christmas.  You’ve been reading about my cleaning, baking, decorating and party-going as though I was a normal, familied person.  But I’m not.  There’s just me. 

I hate it when someone says, “Oh, I don’t put up a tree because it’s just me“.  “Just me” is not a good enough reason.  If the person says, “Oh, I love Christmas “so much” but I don’t put up a tree because it’s just me.” I think, “If you really loved it, you’d do it no matter how many of you there are.”  Physical disabilities are another story.  “I’m not putting up a tree because I just cannot get it up and decorated “because I live by myself”” is a whole different thing.  This sounds as if the person wants to have a tree but is unable.  The first instance makes the person sound sad.  “It’s just me and I don’t deserve a tree… boo hoo.”   HUMBUG!

I surround myself with Christmas because I like it.  I deserve a fun, festive holiday even My Tree:  2008though there is just me.  I like the tree, the music, the lights, the baking, the decorating, the parties, the j-i-n-g-l-e bells, I even like the shopping & wrapping.

This year, however, the shopping and wrapping are MIA.  And I miss them.  I miss trying to think of that perfect gift for my mom or one of my nieces. Something that will delight and surprise them. The thrill of the hunt.  I miss it.  Hiding things, wrapping in secret, the whole lot.   But this year, funds are tight and shopping had to go.  Baking has taken its place, and as I reported earlier, I’m no longer able to bake with the tenacity I had 23 years ago, when an 8 hour marathon just left me wanting more.  Alas, I fear had I shopping to do, I’d have made the same discovery.

Tonight’s goal was to have the living room “tree-ready” by the end of the night.  That didn’t quite happen, but it’s 80% ready.  So, by close of day Monday, there should be an evergreen in the corner of the room (and the Bake Sale will be over!). I just cringe that it’ll be in the 60s or higher.  Christmas trees should be bought in the freezing cold.  They should be compared for size, shape and all over Christmastreeness.  The sheared trees are nice, but they take the fun out of finding a tree which is, in your eyes, perfect in every way.  One which will be prettier than the neighbor’s tree because you have better tree-picking abilities.  One which will rival the great trees:  Rockerfeller Center, Washington DC, your tree… it goes without saying.

I’ve lived alone for 34 years.  I have always had a tree.  I hang my stocking from the chimney (paper) with care.  I wait until Christmas Day to open the gifts my mother sent a month early.   No tree because “there’s just me”?  Never!

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