25 Days … Day 14

I spent the night making chocolate chip cookies.  From scratch.  With real butter and real vanilla.  And, unfortunately, milk chocolate chips.  I picked up the wrong bag.  Don’t get me wrong… I’ll still eat them, but I’m disappointed I used the wrong chocolate. 

Today I went to Aldi for almonds.  I’ve been thinking about making a batch of Carol and Brenda’s Award Winning Almond Cookies.  Granted, the title is long, but they’re worth it.  (Oh, and they never actually WON a prize, but we were planning to enter them at the state fair the year I moved back east and so we never did.  But if we had… they’da won!) But I was needing some fresh almonds and I thought they might have a small enough package at a reasonable price… but … no, the package was large and the price was… well, it was ok.  I got some, because of the cookies.  I might make spiced nuts as well and can use the rest up there, so no waste. 

But again, another multi-hour baking session and I’ve had it — with only one batch of cookies made tonight!  I was ready to take a picture to show you what I’ve made… but then I realized I only have gingerbread men done (this was before the chocolate chips came out of the oven) – well, those and the sugar cookies that are already packaged and the sandwich cookies that need sandwiching.  So the only thing I could photograph was the gingerbread, and I though, they don’t want to see just a few gingerbread things so I decided to wait till I had more.  Keep reading and I’ll post the pic eventually.   I can’t wait till Saturday and I can get off this crash course heading to the Bake Sale.  Next week I can do a little more ‘personal’ baking but at a more leisurely pace.  I’ll probably do the almond cookies then.  I have something else lined up to bake tomorrow.Oh... Christmas Tree!

I also have to start thinking about a tree.  I hope they still have some good ones left in my price range.  This range is just above “Charlie Brown” on chart. I’d like to go looking on Monday, my day off, but I fear that will be too late.  So, between now and then, I need to focus on that.  Maybe tomorrow instead of baking.  That would be a nice change. 

So, once again, I head on off to put my feet up and make a list of what needs to be done tomorrow!

I love those J-I-N-G-L-E Bells… how ’bout you?

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