25 Days … Day 12

Well Doggonit!  I had just written up a swell Days 9, 10 & 11 (in one post) and my browser shut down and took the darned thing with it.  I’ll go back and rewrite it when I’m done with this…. I need to continue the story before I relive the past again…

So, this morning I decided to do the “day d’baking” but first… I needed to go to the bank (preferably before it closed) and while I was out a quick run to WalMart (which then expanded into an additional stop at Publix – unscheduled) and the “start” time was now 3-something.   So I did a little of this, and a little of that. I did manage to get a Christmas tablecloth on the table I use to stage “day d’baking”.  This will facilitate cleanup, which will inevitably follow.  I think the trouble is… I want to bake… I just don’t want to clean up the mess afterward; beaters, bowls, knives, spoons, spreaders, measuring cups and spoons, flour on the counter, sprinkles here and there, spilled vanilla, things of that nature.  There’s a lot of it.  These are the times Bewitched’s Samantha Stevens would be justified in using her powers to twitch up a clean kitchen.

Years ago, when I lived in Arizona, I started doing Christmas baking as a way to feel connected to my family traditions when I was so far away from my family.  My Aunt Flossie used to work at Rockerfeller Center, take the subway and bus home, eat dinner and bake cookies.  All kinds, but I mostly remember the spritz cookies from the silver cookie gun.  The one I inherited when she passed away.  The one I use every year. 

Then I teamed up with a friend from work and we’d bake the day after Thanksgiving because we both had the day off.  Black Friday had not been invented yet, so what did we know about shopping?  We baked chocolate chips, Carol & Brenda’s Award Winning Almond Cookies, Spritz, and made microwave fudge & toffee.  We’d have a little wine while we baked.  We sang Christmas carols aloud.  It was a great time.

Then when I moved back to NY, I had an apartment with a postage stamp sized kitchen, but still I managed to bake a respectable number of cookies.  When I first moved to Georgia, I also baked a lot — mostly to give to people at work as gifts.  Then, slowly, I stopped baking.  The last two or three years I didn’t bake at all.

This Christmas won’t be much of a gift-giving holiday for me, since I’m still only working part time, so I thought that I’d replace “Christmas shopping” with “Cookie Baking”.  Oh, and we have a Christmas Bake Sale at church the weekend before Christmas, so I have a really good reason to bake… it’s for charity.  Uh huh… really!

So, White Christmas is playing in the background and I’ll be downstairs throwing together another batch of something. 

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