25 Days … Day 7

This was my mantle & garland, 2008.  My friend Kathy helped me.  She took about 15 -20 of my Santas and wired them to the garland and suspended them over the hearthstone.  It looked great but I think I had a knot in my stomach until I took the garland down.C'mon in for holiday cheer!

Kathy did however, cleverly come up with my outdoor light & garland decor which I just love.  I’m not good at messing with the garland.  No clue how it’s going to go when I get ready to do outside!

I found out last night that my Mom will spend Christmas with my niece and grand-niece.  They should all enjoy that.   I’m considering working on a goody box for them this weekend.  I’ll have to see how I’m doing on my other projects and how the Hibernian Christmas party is on Saturday.  I love Christmas parties, even if I do have to get dressed up.  I’m hoping all my fellow Hibernians who read this will buy me a drink to celebrate the season!  There’s not a big chance I’ll be collecting though.  Anyway, if I’m peppy on Sunday, I may bake / cook them a Christmas surprise and FedEx it to them.  Frozen food FedEx’s well if you go as late as possible in the day and wrap the food like there’s no tomorrow.

So this means reassessing some other projects, originally scheduled for this weekend.   They’ll have to be redistributed during the week.   Just when I was getting comfortable.

But it’ll be worth it! 😉 Because there’s no better part of the Christmas Spirit than the act of surprising someone with a great gift.  OO!  Now I can hardly wait!  Whatever shall I make?  No, I’m not telling just yet.  My niece may read this! Mwahahahahahaha!

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