25 Days … Day 6

St. Nicholas Day

Our friends at Wikipedia have this to say about St. Nicholas Day and over at SQPN they tell us a little about St. Nicholas of Myra.  Scroll down and read the list of things he’s patron of.  Whew.  It’s no wonder the man moved wa-a-a-y north!

Santas on the Mantle

It just surprised me to learn (during my own scroll of the SQPN page) that he’s the Patron of Unmarried Girls.  Which I am.  By whatever words you choose to use.  It surprised me because I — love — Santa.

I love Santa movies.  I love Santa stories.  I love the whole magical aspect of Santa.  I love that Santa lets you have things that make you happy.  That’s really his goal.  Your happiness.

Probably the best movie icon Santa is Edmund Gwenn in Miracle on 34th Street.  I prefer the black and white to the colorized version, but will watch either of these rather than the Richard Attenborough version.  This movie seals the deal for me.  Yes, there IS a Santa.  I think it’s the postal delivery scene in the courtroom that convinced me.

I also like Tim Allen’s Santa in The Santa Clause.  I like the way the movie answers some of the age-old questions about “the big man”.   Not that it ever bothered me, but really, entering through a dumb-waiter just doesn’t go with “the moon on the crest of the new-fallen snow…” image I always pictured outside, no matter what the actual weather.  I like the “a fireplace automatically appears” theory instead.  More picturesque!  Then the series got silly.

I enjoy seeing Charles Durning as Santa.  Maybe it’s his voice, maybe the girth of the man, but somehow he pulls off a pretty convincing St. Nick.

The Hallmark Channel has a number of Santa-themed movies.  I enjoyed the recent addition with Kevin Sorbo, The Santa Suit.  It’s part It’s a Wonderful Life and part, Freaky Friday.  I like the twist they pull.  I won’t tell you in case you get interested and want to watch it.  It was a clever device.  Maybe I’ve given it away already.  Oh dear! <in my best Frank Burns voice>

I’m not such a big fan of Mr. St. Nick with Kelsey Grammar as the son of the big guy, or the Steve Guttenberg similarly themed series (son of Santa must meet girl, must marry, etc.) But if I can’t find a better movie, I’ll acquiesce and watch them.  I’m a sucker for a Santa story.

I also enjoyed the Jennie Garth movie Secret Santa where the Santa doesn’t wear a Red Suit! 😉

Speaking of Red Suits… I usually find an afternoon in December when I watch The Man in the Santa Claus Suit with Fred Astaire as the Man with the Bag.  If you don’t already know my feelings about Fred, Click Here.  But don’t forget to come back! Kind of Santa-Meets-Love-Boat. I’m not going to give it away either.  Maybe it’s on YouToob or something.  Anyway…

Santa songs, Santa on the mantle, Santa on the Tree, Santa at the Mall… I like to go to a big Mall and see Santa at least once.  Gwinnett Place usually has a great Santa. Santa stories, Santa poems, Santa movies, Santa food… I assume Santa eats a lot of cookies.  And cinnamonny things. Santa Santa Santa. What’s not to love?


off to watch more Santa…

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