25 Days … Day 5

There’s no telling what happened.

Perhaps after denying myself for so long, I went a little overboard once I caved in?

Maybe I’m not young enough to go from ‘0’ to ’60’ at will any more?

Maybe in your dictionary, next to the word “procrastinator” you see my photograph?

I did very little today.  I put the red bows of 4 outdoor wreaths and put the 2 Christmas Mantle 2008downstairs ones in the windows.  Then I carted the other 2 up the stairs, followed by the stepladder.  That was about all the festooning I accomplished today.  I thought about baking.  I took 3 photos for the Day 4 entry.  I thought about baking again.

Maybe I OD’d on Christmas yesterday, but I hope to be back on track tomorrow.

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