it’s about…TIME

I am a list maker.  (And quite possibly the Queen of list making – at least in my zip code!) I like crossing off ALL the things I’ve accomplished and seeing that one by one, my daily goals are being met – mostly!  I schedule things like lunch and reading email and blogging.

I have a lot of things I’m working on right now, including… looking for work.  It’s been 10 months now.  I still like being home every day and really wish I could find meaningful employment that would allow me to work (for the most part) from home.  I would still miss working with others and want to have that option as well.  Get a load of me… making all these concessions for a job I don’t have and frankly, can’t imagine. But staying home doesn’t really pay well and I have to look for gainful employment outside the house, so my hunt for the perfect job continues.

So, I’m looking for work.  I’m also getting some ideas for things to write.  But isn’t finding a paying job more important?  I should shelve those writing ideas.  But then they’ll vanish, so I better write ’em down somewhere.  Grab a journal and write ’em down… but WAIT — this journal says I should be working on updating the church website.  I should really do that.  It’ll only take a few minutes.  So, that’s what I should do.  Or should I look for a job?

I notice I haven’t taken my medications yet today.  There’s no water to take the 2 pills with… I need to go downstairs and get water.  Down to the kitchen… where all the food is.  And the dirty dishes, which accumulated because I hadn’t emptied the dishwasher yesterday and was too lazy to wash them by hand.   So I could get some water to take my meds… and ignore the kitchen so I can update the website and look for a job.

Or I could complete the de-Christmassization of the living & dining rooms and get all the little things back in their boxes and get the boxes out to the garage.  After I get some water for my pills.  THEN I could come back up and do the website and job searching.

I also need to go to the pharmacy today to pick up 2 prescriptions.  I don’t know why they can’t give me the stuff that’s already prepared even if the pharmacist is at lunch.  But they can’t so I have to be there before 2 or after 2:30.

And then there’s dinner to contemplate – and not another handful of chips!  I’ve already gained 6 pounds this year and it’s time to turn that around immediately (which is why I’m trying to stay out of the kitchen (where all the food is) and away from temptation).  But I need to prepare a meal.  I have ingredients, I just need to make the kitchen cook-ready.  I’m back to washing those dishes (so I can make another mess later).

There’s still all that office decluttering I’m working on.  It’s coming along, but when I have to stop over the holidays, it always takes a while to rev back up to speed again.  I know in my heart that if I can get this office space finished, it’ll make all the rest of my things to do go easier.  But… should I declutter, or look for a job, take my pills, box up Christmas, work on the website, or wash the dishes?  It’s so hard to choose… they all sound dreadful.

I’m also crocheting a scarf to match a hat I made for someone, and I made a rosary this morning (I felt that way, no matter what else happened today, I’d have “done” something constructive!)

I’m making Valentines Day cards, St. Patrick’s Day cards and Birthday cards. (and crocheting, knotting, decluttering, boxing, pill-taking, job hunting, dishwashing, dieting, meal preparing, website updating…)

Then there’s the doctor’s appointment later this week, two (yes, 2) lunches at church to attend / assist at, I’m hosting Bunco next Monday, I have a Hibernian meeting next week and a 2 day Bake Sale to host (and bake for).  Is there any wonder that I’m up till 2:30 in the morning?  (which, by the way, makes it very hard to be up by 8:00 to start my daily schedule on time!)

I tried to update my iPod this afternoon – I’ve been listening to some of my NPR podcasts.  Now it’s being held hostage by my computer. I keep trying to eject it and it says it cannot eject because “it contains files that are in use by another application”.  I which I knew which one.  Paint?  Don’t think so.  Excel?  Hmm… probably not.  Facebook?  No.  So now my iPod is stuck tethered to the computer and I’ll spend time trying to figure out why.  Not that I have anything else to do…. there’s plenty of sand left in the glass.

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