Cleaning with Mom

I have a 2 car garage and only 1 car.  The rest of the space in the garage is filled with boxes.  Christmas decoration boxes, autumn decoration boxes, “car stuff” boxes, crafty project boxes and other miscellany that one tends to collect.  Things that belong in the garage.

My mother doesn’t care for the haphazard way I ‘organize’ the boxes in the garage.  Or rather, she doesn’t care for the mess I’ve made in there.  She’s been here for two and a half weeks now and it’s been driving her up a wall.  So, today, with nothing else I could convince her we HAD to do, I was forced to clean the garage with her.

There are bugs in the garage.

There are cobwebs in the garage.

There are other unknown hazards in the garage.

I hate cleaning the garage.

She made me do it.  I parked the car in the driveway and the two of us sifted through boxes and boxes and boxes.  We ended up with about a dozen bags of plastic bags destined for the recycle bin at the supermarket, about ten boxes of items to donate to the St. Vincent de Paul society thrift store, and a large pile of… dare I say it… EMPTY BOXES.

Recycle Me!

The trash bin is full… the recycle bin is full (and nearly a week till they’ll be back to collect!  I’m in BIG trouble in this department this week!)

But… I guess… this is the way the new year is supposed to go… right? Starting over?  So… here goes!  Next week… I take on the filing cabinet!  YIKES!

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