Merry Christmas to ALL… well.. not “ALL”

It’s going to be a sparse Christmas for someone who has always gone overboard for this particular holiday.  The gifts may not always be expensive, but they are usually many, because I believe, that when it comes to Christmas gifts, the More the Merrier.

But this year, I’m having to cut back – and it started with Christmas cards.  I’m actually paring my card list this year and apparently I thought about this last year, as I’d made some notations such as “no more” or “last one” next to certain names.

And to all a Good Night!

It unsettles me to remove someone from the Christmas Card List.  These are people who obviously meant enough to me at some point to warrant a Christmas card (and no doubt, a Christmas letter – which I also didn’t do this year due to the mere fact that “I’m still not working.” doesn’t lead itself to much discussion that isn’t downright depressing.  And I’m no Ebenezer Scrooge to be bah humbugging everyone during Christmas.


So I wondered, will these folks realize they’ve been cut?  Will they, at the other end of the season, put their decorations away and, in removing the Christmas cards from wherever they’ve been displayed (or not) think, “you know, she didn’t send me a card and letter this year!”   Or are they so busy they don’t even notice the omission?  Will it hit them in a year or two when they haven’t been on the list for that length of time? Will they be oblivious to the whole situation?

I’m trying not to dwell on it.  I’m moving forward with my preparations and counting the days till Santa comes to Town.

So, Merry Christmas, if not to All of you, to those who are still on the list.  And if you notice you’ve been removed and want to be reinstated… send me a card!  I love to get them!

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