Having to Endure

I’m working my way through 8 hours of FrontPage training.

Training that could take 2 hours if they weren’t busy showing me where to find “symbols” or how to customize a toolbar. Sheesh!  If you’re making websites and don’t already know how to do those things, this is NOT the online training class YOU should be in.

Who’s with me on this one?

I’m thinking, “FrontPage is not a “my first software” kind of program”.  Why would someone even consider learning FrontPage if they didn’t already know how to find the “format font” menu item, or how to turn toolbars on and off?  Why then is this 8 hour training class subjecting me to this sleep-inducing review?

And why am I sitting through it? Ahh.  There’s the question to ask!

So, here I am, 4+ months after being outsourced and still not proving myself to be a contributing member of society by going out to work every day.  My mother is in a state because I’m not working.  Fortunately, my company paid me an ‘ok’ severance (better yet, they would have NOT kicked me to the curb as they did, but that’s another post) and I stay home most of the time so as not to spend much of that severance.  I spent the first three months going through the online instructionals provided by the outplacement company the fiends set me up with, learning the current way to write a resume, how to get hired after a ‘certain age’, writing a cover letter, and searching for a job online – all new since my last job hunt was conducted in the early 90’s.  About the time my subscription with the outplacement company ended, I ran a church picnic and was very involved with getting that done so I could move on.  Well… then it was July 4th weekend and no one else was working so why should I?  And since it was a short week, I took the whole week to kick back.

Trouble is, I never kicked back IN.  The Tour de France started and once again I found myself mesmerized by the pursuit of the Yellow Jersey and every morning was up with my coffee & cheerios watching those lithe men pedal their way around France.  From the lowlands to the mountains, from the cowbells to the chateaux, I was there watching every morning when suddenly I realized … there went July.  I found myself less and less motivated to do much of anything once the Tour was over.  Then… suddenly… I was inspired!

I’ve recently learned to make twine rosaries.  (Once you see how it’s done, it becomes addictive.)  I made at least 3 a day during July… they’re easy to do while watching TV and the “Tour” was the perfect show to have going on because you’re not obliged to watch every single second for fear of missing something (and if you did, their instant replay was just great!)  A friend gave me a piece of black twine and as I sat there watching TV one evening in August it was as if a thunderbolt had come down and hit my sorry little noggin, re-awakening it and telling me what to do.  I believe that piece of twine was the catalyst.

So I’m learning FrontPage.  I do my church website in FrontPage, but I took the weenie Microsoft.com online training which takes about 45 minutes to learn enough to get started, but obviously not the whole program.  But I figure this online class has to be better – it’s 8 hours right?  Then I found out that probably half of the time I’d be reviewing things I already know how to do… like selecting a font or adding a button to a toolbar or formatting a cell in a table.  True, I could probably skip over the parts that look redundant but you never know when they’ll tell you something specific to FrontPage that’ll come in handy some day.

However I think I’ll do a lot of skipping when I do the Word 2007 online training.  After all, I learned about changing the font color in FrontPage (and have seen the simultaneous HTML code change).  What more could a girl want?  In the meantime, I’m having to endure lessons entitled “What is a Table” and “Page Margins” in order to get to the stuff I want to learn like Cascading Style Sheets and Frames.   Maybe I should get a piece of twine to work while I watch?

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One Response to Having to Endure

  1. Ed Moran says:

    I can not stay awake for tutorials like that 😦

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