Not a pretty picture…

I could "survive" but it wouldn't be pretty. I'd develop ticks and twitches. I'd start baying at the moon. I'd be up late at night trying to get my TV remote to find Bejeweled Blitz and/or Facebook.

Oh yes, I would "survive"… just as I survived giving up Bejeweled Blitz for Lent. It was hard at first, but got a little easier as the 40 days progressed. But as soon as my time was up I was playing like a maniac again and I could see a similar obsessive return to the Internet when the month was over.

The internet is my buddy. It's my phone-a-friend. It's my encyclopedia, my newspaper, my yellow pages.

If I'm going to be without my internet for a month, I'd like to be on a tropical island… with lots of umbrella drinks… and pretty things to look at to take my mind off my dot com mania.

Yes, that would do very nicely. A pretty picture after all!

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