Reruns R Us? Are We Getting THAT Boring?

Maybe you remember back in the ‘olden’ days when RERUNS on TV were something to be avoided at all costs?  Summer Reruns?  Oh puh-leeze!  When does the new season start?  (BTW, that was ‘September’ universally.  The new cars and the new shows all debuted in September — you remember, the month when school started again?)   Actually, I guess this is the reason we went out to play during the summer months – no one wanted to see those reruns of I Dream of Jeannie, Bonanza or I Love Lucy.

Now you can’t escape reruns.  If you miss a show and don’t DVR, TiVo or tape it, no problem.  There’s On Demand, Hulu, Fancast or just search your listings – it’s probably being repeated later that day or night. Voila! Instant rerun.

But what really gets me is a full evening’s programming of ONE show all night.  C’mon TVLand… is there nothing else you could show – of all the possible shows in the world, let alone your catalog, besides an entire night of The Andy Griffith Show?  I love Andy, Opie, Aunt Bea and Barney as much as the next child of my generation, but come on… six hours of homespun goodness is too much in one night. I despise an entire evening of one show.   Back to back episodes of a half-hour show are nice – you can choose to kill a half hour or a full one.  But SIX HOURS?  As Gomer once said… Go-olllly. What compounds the issue is that multiple stations are doing the same thing.  So instead of seeing several dozen shows a night, you’re limited to a half-dozen of viewing options. 

It’s not just episodic shows that are in a constant state of rerun.  What about seeing the same movie back to back to back… or night after night?  Take Groundhog Day for example – does it really need to be shown twice a night Friday, Saturday and Sunday until we all not only know the dialog by heart but feel we are living our own private Groundhog Day?

There are SO MANY programs out there – old and new – good and bad.  Why are we being limited to viewing the same thing day in and day out?  Are we going to sit on our couches and take it?? 

Apparently yes.  They don’t call us couch potatoes for nothing.  If we were really against the constant repetitive programming, we would learn to use that POWER OFF button on the remote and find alternate activities.  Could we be playing outdoors, reading a book, cooking with the family – maybe even writing a blog?  Perhaps.  But we’re conditioned to that rectangle in our lives and are loath to give it up even if it means mind numbing performances by The Golden Girls all night long.

Excuse me now.  I’m missing my daily quota of Frasier and I think I’m having coffee withdrawal.  Maybe I can catch Friends and get my fix.

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