Moving Up

I  just attended the funeral of my Aunt Helen who died at the ripe age of 91.  Of my father’s immediate family, there’s just one sibling left.  That means the torch is being handed down to my generation and we’re moving up the chain.

Brothers and sisters have that life-long parental connection which, no matter how near or far, can stretch but never actually breaks.  My cousins whose mother this was, are pretty connected despite living in three states and two countries.  Their children are scattered around but through their parents, maintain a connection to their cousins.

I wonder… what happens next?    Without the aunts and uncles there, do the cousins have a commitment to keeping the connections going?  Perhaps I wonder because there were only two of us and I’m the only one left.  I have no one to “sible” with now.  Cousins are in distant states and have their own families.

So, next on my agenda – as if it wasn’t full enough already – is a full-fledged family reunion.  We need to re-meet and re-connect and recommit to each other to keep alive that family spirit our parents gave us.  This should be an interesting year!

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