No, I Haven’t Been Looking…

Everyone wants to know how the job search is coming along.  It’s not.  I said I was taking a month off and I’m going to.  Of course, that means next week I need to get my stuff together! 

What AM I doing? I’m filtering through the junk in my home office.  You know, one of those projects you always say, “Oh if only I had 2 weeks off I could tear through this.”    Well, I’m doing it but I’m not exactly tearing through it like I wanted.  I keep interrupting to do things like get my taxes done, attend a job-search related webinars, attending workshops and webinars for church projects I’m working on.   So, there’s not so much the flurry of activity I’d anticipated in the 2 months leading up to my current status of unemployment. 

I’m also learning some new skills – some new software I can put on my resume.  So, my goal is to learn several (specific) new things to put on the resume before I start to send it out.  (Ahhh… now you see how that works?  There is a method to my madness after all!)

Anyway, I had also hoped I could start a daily routine of walking after eating a healthy home-prepared lunch every day.  We throw back our heads and laugh French-like at that notion!  Did we take into account the heavy spring pollen – enough to choke a horse?  HAH!  Yeah… walking’s not going well either. But I continue to assume it will fall into place.

I also still trying to decide “what I want to be” next.  A technical writer?  A social media writer? An executive assistant?  As I said previously, did my last position leave me qualified to do anything but what they had me doing… looking for computers coming off lease?  I was supposed to get some training… some training we PAID FOR but, alas, they couldn’t spare me when the training was taking place, so I didn’t get to go.  Then, there was the training I did get to go to but when assistance was required for me to pass the test and get the final certification, well, they were too busy to help me – although their door was always open, there was no one there once you got into the office!

So, what have I been doing for the last three weeks?  My calendar is a mélange of webinars, meetings and workshop dates – so I’ve been keeping busy.  I’ve been learning new software (including WordPress, as demonstrated by this blog!), I’ve been working on my resume, I’ve been learning about hospitality (for church) and rushing off to meetings hither and yon to keep up with all this!  Ok, I am taking some time each day for important things like Facebook, Bejeweled Blitz and lunch, but I’m trying to keep the TV off as it’s my downfall and I know it!  So I’m not spending the whole day in my jammies, I’m trying to start my day at church – which has other unseen benefits.

So, how’s the job search going?  Well, it isn’t going right now.  But it will soon.

Unless of course I win that big lottery this weekend!

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