What am I going to do now?

On March 31, 2010, the company I worked for for 19+ years, kicked me to the curb.  I was “oursourced”.  Now, not the kind of outsourcing you’re thinking… no no.. this was good ole American outsourcing.  The jobs were staying here, WE were being shipped off to India.  Well, might as well have been.

For the past year, we’ve had little to do.  They (the powers that be) turned off our biggest source of work.  They stopped replacing expiring computer leases.  No new stuff coming in, no old stuff going out.  Pretty much all we did – deployment wise – for the last year was repair work.  There was one small lease that we replaced, but since most of it was already in house anyway, it didn’t really matter.  One or two repairs a day was supposed to keep 3 guys busy.

Then, there was the helpdesk.  Now, on a helpdesk no calls can mean one of two things.  One:  You do such a lousy job, no one wants to call or Two: everything’s running so well, no one has to call.  I am leaning toward Two… all systems were running well and on the whole, most people just plum didn’t need to call us.

So, with little to do, they decided to outsource us to another company.  While the replacements were in our office to ‘learn what we do’, I prepared to show them my methods. Share my documentation.  Give them the benefit of my 19 years with this company.  But, after just 10 minutes they had what they wanted and were off to speak to “real workers”.  So, having been told in January, “And we’ll want you to work closely with the transition team,” I learned that my vast experience with the company meant nothing to those usurping our positions and I was cast aside like an old brown shoe.

This left plenty of time to ponder.  What to do next… did I want to spend the rest of my working life looking for serial numbers?  NO, I don’t think so!  But what else was I left good for?   As Eliza Doolittle says in My Fair Lady,  … Now you’ve made a lady of me, I’m not fit to sell anything else.

Well, they made an IT administrator out of me and I don’t feel fit to do anything else.  I’m having to examine my so called ‘strengths’ and decide what to do next.  I’m taking advantage of the programs they offered and doing my own online research. 

I also found a site where I can brush up on my computer skills.  “I” think I know Word pretty well, but that was in the shelter of my former life, where I had no interaction with the outside world.  Will “they” think I have good skills?  Reviewing what I ‘know’ will satisfy my own curiosity about the state of software knowledge in the outside world.

I might like to do Social Media Marketing.  I completed this online class today  I have a certificate to prove it!

I might like to go back to Computer Training (though not likely).  But it was so fun to do when I was in my 40s!  I met everyone I talked to on the phone… and then some.

I might like to try something web related.  I like doing the church website, so why not?  Another topic I’ll learn on my own.

I have some time before desparation sets in.  (Though check with my mother on that, as she has different ideas – SHE thinks I’m not desparate enough after 26 days!)  MOM.. it’s only been 26 days!  Give it a rest!

So, check back and see just what I’m up to.

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